Samsung TV Size Guide

Samsung has a wide selection of TVs in different sizes. You’ll always find a Samsung tv size for your needs.

Looking for a new TV and deciding on which one to finalize for your home can be a very big decision. After all, everyone in the house will use it, and it will be the centrepiece of your room.

You do not buy a TV every other season, so the decision becomes significant when you understand that you will use the TV for the next few years. Different tv sizes, screen types, new features, and updates every month can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Apart from the form and the feature, you also need to pick a brand. You’ve probably thought of Samsung, haven’t you? Samsung has been the leader in the TV market for years and they make some of the best screens.

However, with new models coming out every few months, it can be challenging to decide which Samsung to take home.

TV watching is not only about the screen. Yes, for some users, screen size and resolution will matter the most, but for others, the harmonious play of all technologies built around the screen will result in the perfect experience.

No matter which one of the two kinds you are, to help you land your perfect screen, we have created this Samsung TV size Guide.

Before we delve into details, a quick word about TV sizes. TVs sizes that are advertised as a corner-to-corner measurement. Make sure you also check the length, breadth and thickness of the model before you buy it.

Quick Overview of Popular Samsung Tv Sizes

Samsung TV SizeRecommended TV Model
Small Samsung TV 32″Samsung Q50R QLED TV
Mid-sized TV Samsung TV 50″Samsung TU8000 UHD TV
Big Samsung TV 65″SAMSUNG Class QLED Q90T TV
Huge Samsung TV 85″SAMSUNG 85-Inch Class Neo

Small Samsung TVs 

Viewing distance up to 4 ft.

If you are looking for a TV that can fit into tight spaces, you should consider getting a small TV. A small TV is any screen that is 32 inches or smaller. However, you would not find a Samsung TV that is smaller than 32-inch. Small TVs are ideal if you’re sitting no farther than 4 feet from the screen.  

With Samsung TVs, you can be sure that having a small screen doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any other features. Samsung Q50R  is a well-rated TV with the best features.

It is the best model to go for if you are looking for a small-sized TV. This 32-inch screen has a QLED 4K UHD resolution and a wide viewing angle. Despite having a small screen, this model boasts an HDR display backed by a 4K UHD Processor.

You could choose from the 2019 model or a new updated 2021 model. This is the best deal for an excellent small TV with good picture quality.

However, if you’re looking at a smaller screen, you do not really need the highest resolution out there. You could still get a 720p (HD) TV, and they are more affordable as well.

The 32-inch Samsung M4500 has excellent features and is a good value for money. This HD Smart TV comes with built-in Wi-Fi for an interactive, connected home entertainment experience.

The Samsung N5200 is slightly larger with its 40-inch screen. This smart TV has a full HD 1080p resolution that gives a clear viewing experience. TVs around 40 inches and even 48 inches may be best suited for bedrooms or student dorms.

Mid-sized Samsung TVs

Viewing distance up to 6 ft.

The general tendency when buying a TV is to go for the biggest one in your budget. If you are using your TV to do more than just watch cable, then you should consider getting a slightly larger model.

Bigger screens are better for playing video games, browning through streaming services, and watching YouTube. 

However, your TV choice should be guided by the dimensions of your room, and how far you would sit from the screen. You do not want a TV that won’t match the aesthetic of your room. For average rooms, a mid-sized TV is going to be the right choice. 

We are classifying Samsung TVs between 48 and 55 inches as mid-sized. This is a good size range if your viewing distance is going to be 6 feet or less. TV Screen resolutions and features such as HDR start to matter as the screen gets bigger. 

For a mid-sized TV, Samsung TU8000 is a popular 50-inch model that strikes a good balance of size and features. The screen with built-in Alexa and Bixby has made its way to become a consumer favorite with its crystal display and 4K UHD screen.

This means the High Dynamic Range lets you enjoy a wide spectrum of colors and visual details, even in dark scenes. This model wins in the hardware department as well, the sleek, elegant, and minimalistic design draws you into the screen from any angle.

This TV also has a gaming edge with its Auto Game Mode which automatically optimizes the screen and minimizes input lag, giving you more control giving its users a smooth gaming experience without motion blur and judder.

Big Samsung TVs

Viewing distance 6ft to 8ft

In recent years 4K TVs have become more popular with consumers. It can be attributed to lowering prices, and people generally upgrading to bigger screens.

TV screens that are above 55 inches can be considered big TVs, and they are the norm in the market. 4K display means that you can sit much closer to the TV, and you will not see the small pixels that make up the display and will not cause any eye-straining. If you will be viewing the TV from 6 feet to 8 feet you can go for a big TV. 

SAMSUNG Q90T sits snug at 65 inches. You can also get a 55-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch variant of this TV. This TV comes with AI upscaling. AI upscaling implies that this TV can optimize content with a lower resolution than your TV’s own resolution to seem crisper, sharper, and more detailed.

Really Big Samsung TVs

If you are looking for a really big TV to fill up your large living space, then you should consider some of the big options Samsung has to offer. Bigger TVs provide a more immersive experience.

They also perform best with higher resolution displays. If the distance between you and your screen is going to be 8 ft or more, you should consider going big.

For the biggest screens in the market, 4K should be in your necessary criteria, even better if it is 8K.

This Samsung 85-Inch Class Crystal Screen is a fantastic TV. It comes with a built-in Voice Assistant; it is the best companion for all your digital entertainment needs.

With minimized blur and enhanced motion clarity, Motion Xcelerator catches all the fast-moving action in a 4K UHD display. All this in a beautiful AirSlim display to Blend effortlessly into your living space. This Smart TV is an entertaining experience in Crystal UHD with a super slim, minimalistic look.

SAMSUNG 85-Inch Class Neo QLED 8K QN900A offers maximum connectivity with Built-In Alexa. You can just ask your TV to show you whatever you are in the mood for.

This screen offers end-to-end 8K resolution displays. The features are not only limited to the screen, object tracking sound pro-technology helps you hear what happens, with sounds that flow from all sides of the TV.