How to Fix Element TV That Won’t Turn ON

Element TV is a brand with great features and good functionality. If you recently got one, you may have difficulty getting it set up and operating correctly. Sometimes, the TV may have problems, such as its inability to turn on when required.

Element TV That Won't Turn ON
Element TV

If your Element TV doesn’t turn on, there are easy troubleshooting procedures you can follow. Not only will you learn to fix your TV not turning on, but you will also grasp the possible reasons behind the glitch. Knowing the reason this happens will help you prevent future occurrences. 

Possible Reasons Element TV Won’t Turn On

It is crucial to know the possible reasons your TV won’t turn on. Only after determining the problem will you eventually learn how to fix the problem. Below are some of the reasons your Element TV won’t turn on:

Faulty Power Button

Specific problems can happen to the remote control leading to the Element TV not turning on. Examine the power button to determine if the power button on the remote control is functioning correctly. If the button is damaged, you should get a new remote. 

Worn Out Batteries

Element TV won’t turn on if the remote control is not responding as it should due to worn-out batteries. If the remote control cannot switch the device on, you must examine the batteries to determine if it is responsible for the problem. 

Worn-Out TV

If you have investigated all the likely causes, including the remote control, the prolonged use of the TV may cause the problem. No matter how sophisticated electronic devices have evolved, they will always have a finite shelf life. You can only use an Element TV for a limited time before it needs a replacement. After this period, it might begin to develop serious problems. You must discover the projected lifespan of your Element TV model by reading up on it online or by contacting the manufacturer directly.

Old Remote 

Sometimes, the remote control will become damaged because it has been subjected to rough use or is too old. Consider purchasing a new remote control when the remote becomes obsolete. Make sure you do not expose the new remote to liquid substances or other conditions that might affect its functionality. 

Power Supply Defect

If your power supply does not have the appropriate output voltage, you will not be able to switch on the television. Always use a suitable power adapter with your Element TV. If you plug your television into a socket that has an inadequate voltage, it could cause the television to malfunction or even cause the circuit to short out. As a result, you must use an adapter that enables the voltage of the power socket to cooperate with your Element TV. 

How To Fix Element Not Turning On

Having known the possible reasons your Element TV won’t turn on despite your efforts to turn it on, below are troubleshooting techniques to save the day:

Fix your Remote

There may be instances when you cannot turn on your Element TV because your remote control has developed a defect. If so, you should examine the batteries in your remote control to determine whether this is the issue’s source. If it isn’t the batteries, you could want to check the power button on the remote to see if it is in good working condition. You should get a replacement remote control if it seems to have been damaged or if the buttons are in no good shape. 

Remove Signal Interference

Your Element TV won’t switch on if there is an obstruction with the signal it gets from the remote. A block can occur when the television is behind something or on a stand with many decorations. A piece of furniture placed in front of the TV can also be a culprit. First, move whatever appears to obstruct the view of the TV, and then attempt to turn it back on again. This is probably the best thing you can do to solve the problem.

Examine the TV For Damage

Various factors might contribute to a TV’s hardware malfunctioning, but one of the most common causes is accidental damage. Shipping, human error, or a defect in the product’s manufacturing can all lead to damage. Examine your TV and pay close attention to any flaws in the hardware, such as dents, cracks, or any other apparent deficiencies. If the TV has sustained significant damage, it may need a replacement or sent back to the store where you made the purchase.

Reset Your Remote Control

If your TV doesn’t just turn on when it receives the prompt from the remote, you should consider resetting the remote. To perform a factory reset on the remote control, you will first need to remove the batteries from your Element TV remote control and then push every button a minimum of twice. If you follow these steps, the remote control should become functional, allowing you to deal with the issue of the Element TV not turning on.

Perform a Soft Reset on the TV

A soft reset on your TV can come in handy. Performing a soft reset is not the same as a factory reset. Soft resetting your device is a remedy that can save the day. To accomplish this action, follow the procedures that apply to this:

  • Turn off the TV by pressing the Power button.
  • Remove the power cord from both ends of the TV.
  • Wait for about five minutes to achieve a good result.
  • Connect the power cable to the TV and the outlet providing the power.
  • Now, give the TV a go by turning it on.

How To Troubleshoot Element TV Not Showing a Picture

Fixing the problem where Element TV does not display a picture is not a difficult one. You can take different approaches to fix various picture problems on your Element TV. See them below.

A Blue Screen 

If you get a blue screen on your television, it indicates that the device is not receiving any signal or that you have selected the incorrect source. To troubleshoot this issue, press the SOURCE button on your remote control to select the appropriate input.

Alternatively, resetting all of your connections is yet another solution to the problem. To do this:

  • Remove the power cord from the TV and the power outlet.
  • Pull out the HDMI from the TV and the media player.
  • Firmly plug everything back in.

After following the steps, the connections will be reset, rectifying the problem.

A Picture that Appears Snowy and Noisy 

If your antenna signal is weak, you will have this problem. Consider moving it to a different location using an indoor antenna. Additionally, examine the connections to the antenna to ensure that they are not wobbly.

Images that come on Slowly after Turning on the TV

The booting process has affected the image if the image starts to show up gradually after turning on the device. This should not be a cause for significant concern because the image will fully appear after some time. However, if the picture still does not show up after about five minutes, you might want to think about calling the service provider to assist in rectifying the problem.