7 Ways to Fix Peacock Not Working

Peacock TV is an app created by the Television and Streaming division of NBC Universal. Peacock TV offers a wide range of content, including shows, news, movies, and more.

It also provides various ways to interact with the app, such as watching videos or subscribing to channels. It is available in various languages, including English, Chinese, and Korean.

How to fix the Peacock not working problem

1. Check Peacock Server

This is the first step to take before anything else. To check the Peacock network server, go to Downdetector or this link. If you notice significant outrage spikes, it’s a confirmed issue on Peacock’s end. You have no choice but to wait for Peacock to resolve the issue.

2. Check internet connection

Peacock might not be working because your internet connection is unstable. Check your internet connection to ensure it is operating at a consistent speed.

Check that all connections and cables are properly connected to your router and that the router’s lights indicate an active internet connection.

When your internet connection is stable, try reopening the Peacock app to see if it works perfectly.

3. Clear app cache

To clear the Peacock’s cache, go to settings, select Manage installed applications, and select the Peacock app. You’ll see more options, one of which is “Clear App Cache.” Click on it, force close the app and reopen the Peacock to finish this process.

4. Log Out of Other Devices

You can use a single Peacock TV account on up to six different devices.

Using six devices at once, on the other hand, can slow down your Peacock app. As a result, try to connect only three devices at a time.

To sign out of other devices, follow these steps:

• Go to your Account Page.

• Choose Devices.

• Select Other Devices.

• Remove the devices you wish to remove.

If you notice a device you don’t recognize, you must “reset your password” to secure your account.

5. Update App

An outdated Peacock app tends to behave abnormally. The current version of the app may no longer be compatible with the software version of your device. As a result, you need an update.

6. Uninstall Peacock and Re-install it

If Peacock is still not working after the update, uninstall and re-install it.

Uninstall and re-install it by searching for it in the Apps menu. This fix will eliminate potential problems and provide you with an automatic solution for Peacock not working.

7. Restart your device

This solution is typical for any problem you may be experiencing on your devices. Wait for your device to return to the home screen after restarting, then select the peacock app and check to see if it is running normally.

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Why is my Peacock App frozen?

If your Peacock TV app keeps freezing, buffering, or loading slowly, there is a delay in data transmission from the Peacock server to your streaming device. To begin streaming on Peacock TV, you must have at least 450 Kbps on a 3G or 4G device.

How do I update my peacock TV?

Sign in to your account and go to Plans and Payments to select an upgrade plan to Peacock Premium Plus from a Peacock Premium plan. In addition to any Peacock Premium charges, you will be charged $5 per month or $50 per year for Peacock Premium Plus.

Why is Peacock not working on my Firestick?

As a general rule, restart the Peacock app, restart your Fire TV device, check your internet connection, clear the app cache, and if none of these work, uninstall and re-install the Peacock app. ‘Force the Peacock app to close.’

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