How to Program DirecTV Remote

DirecTV remotes come in different designs and capabilities, and learning the ways to program them is vital for an enjoyable satellite TV experience.

When programmed correctly, your DirecTV Universal remote can control up to 4 devices in your home and can be used to power on your Smart TV and Sony Soundbar and raise the volume levels of your audio output devices.

A significant number of DirecTV subscribers have reported varying degrees of complications encountered while configuring their DirecTV remotes, and that’s why we’re putting this article together.

How to Program DirecTV Remotes

This guide will walk you through the various ways to program your specific DirecTV remotes and get the best operational functionality based on their unique capabilities.

But before that, we have to determine what type of remote you own. So let’s dive right into it.

Types of DirecTV Remote Controls

DirecTV remotes are generally grouped into two classes:

  • DirecTV Genie Remote
  • DirecTV Universal Remote

The DirecTV Genie Remote is the standard remote control for your DirecTV Device. It can be used to turn on your TV and DirecTV Box, change Channels, and select the preferred levels for the Volume Balance.

You can also use your DirecTV Genie Remote to get on-screen information about the program you’re watching, and also view your saved Programs, adjust TV pictures and sound settings, and browse through the TV Guide to find your preferred shows and programs. 

When a DirecTV Universal Remote is appropriately paired, you can use it for more complex operations such as turning on your TV, Soundbar, and Game consoles, Increasing and decreasing the volume of your Smart TV and Sound system, and controlling your other HDTV decoders and DVD players.

How to Program a DirecTV Genie Remote

You can apply the steps below to program your DirecTV Genie Remote, regardless of the box type (Wireless Genie Mini, Genie Mini, or Genie HD DVR).

  • Ensure you inserted new batteries into the remote, placing them correctly in their positive and negative terminals.
  • With the DirecTV Genie Remote pointing to the DirecTV Genie Box, select the Mute and Enter bottoms together and hold down for about 8-10 seconds until you see the green LED light on the Genie Remote blink twice.
  • Your TV should display a notification that reads Applying IR/RF Setup. This puts the receiver in RF mode and ready for pairing.
  • Now turn on the home gadget you wish to pair with your genie remote
  • On the Genie Remote, Select the Menu button and head to Settings > Remote Control > Program Remote
  • This takes you to a list of programmable devices. Choose your particular appliance from the list and continue with the guiding instructions.

How to Program DirecTV Universal Remote

Programming a DirecTV Universal Remote is the first step to controlling several home gadgets using a single universal remote.

You can program the DirecTV Universal Remote automatically or manually using the pairing code for your Device.

  • First, select the Menu button on your universal remote and head to Settings > Remote Control > Program Remote.
  • Select the appliance you want to program with the remote. You can select either a TV, Audio Speaker, Game console, etc.
  • You’ll be able to program your Device with the DirecTV Universal by following the instructions step by step.
  • Using the Code lookup tool, you can also easily program your DirecTV universal remote on your home appliances.

Programming DirecTV Remote for Standard HDR and SD Receiver

Follow the steps outlined below if you have an SD (Standard Definition) Receiver or a standard HDR sound system and wish to control it using the DirecTV Universal Remote.

  • Turn on the SD Receiver or HDR system and tap on the Menu button on your DirecTV Universal Remote while pointing the remote to the Device.
  • Head to Parental Favs & Setup and select System Setup
  • Choose the option that says Remote/ Remote Control and select Program Remote.
  • All you have to do is select your specific gadget to pair (in this case, the SD Receiver or HDR System) and follow the instructions as they appear on your TV screen.
  • Check out the Code Lookup Tool if your device is not found on the list.

Don’t forget to program your TV input setting to align with the DirecTV Universal Remote paired devices.

  • Slide the Mode Switch on your DirecTV Universal Remote to TV, then press and hold the Mute + Select buttons together until the LED indicator blinks twice
  • Dial the number 960 on the universal remote, and the indicator blinks twice again.
  • Now slide back the mode switch at the top of your DirecTV Universal Remote to the DirecTV Logo. 

Programming DirecTV Genie Remote for Volume Control

The best way to get your DirecTV Genie Remote to control the volume on the TV and Sound system is by Programming it in RF mode.

  • Press and hold the Mute and Enter buttons together for seconds until there’s an LED notification, then select apply RF Setup.
  • Now hit the Menu button and head to Settings & Help > settings 
  • Scroll to the Remote Control option and tap on Program Remote
  • Now go to Setup/Change TV and finish up by tapping on Done. This pairs the remote with the TV.
  • Now head back to the Remote Menu page and repeat the same process to program your sound output setup and be able to regulate the volume.

Ensure you change the Volume Lock options from TV to your Audio devices. Now you can change the volume on your receiver for your sound system.

Programming DirecTV Universal Remote for Volume Control

The DirecTV Universal Remote can act as a Master Volume Control device to control the volume of your Soundbar and Game consoles.

  • First, press and hold down the Setup button at the top-center of the remote for a few seconds until the LED indicator light stays on
  • Now tap on the home gadget you wish to control its volume from the options you see. You can choose either TV, DVD, Streaming Box, or Aux for audio devices, then immediately press and release the Mute button.
  • Finish up this process by pressing and releasing the Volume-up button.
  • You’ll get confirmation that the red LED indicator blinks twice, which confirms the setup’s success.
  • You can repeat this process for each of your devices.

Note that You can only pair a maximum of 4 devices for volume control on your DirecTV Universal Remote.

You can also deactivate the volume control for any device by repeating this process and concluding using the Volume-Down button.

Programming DirecTV Remote for DirecTV ReadyTV

The DirecTV ReadyTV is a receiver-free Smart TV designed to declutter your home of multiple TV boxes and bring 4K entertainment TV to every room in your home at a lesser cost.

Some of the best DirecTV ReadyTV models come from Samsung, LG, and Sony. Let’s consider how to program your DirecTV remotes for a DirecTV ReadyTV.

Programming DirecTV Genie Remote for DirecTV ReadyTV

Programming your Genie Remote with a DirecTV ReadyTV is similar to your regular DirecTV boxes.

  • Direct your Genie Remote to face the DirecTV Box you’re having, then press and hold the Mute + Enter buttons together for 3-5 seconds until the green indicator light flashes twice. Your TV also displays a notification saying Applying IR/RF Setup. We’re now going to program the DirecTV ReadyTV in RF mode.
  • Turn your DirecTV ReadyTV on and hold down the Mute + Select buttons until you see the LED indicator light flashing twice, then release the buttons.
  • You’ll have to enter the specific RF code for your DirecTV ReadyTV.

That’s 54000 for DirecTV Samsung ReadyTV

54001 for DirecTV Sony ReadyTV

54002 for DirecTV Toshiba ReadyTV

You can look up the codes for other TV models here. Once you enter the correct code, your ReadyTV will be paired successfully with your Genie Remote.

We’re sure you’ve gotten all the detailed information needed to set up your DirecTV remote control. Let us know if you run into any difficulty in the comments section.