How to Restore Your LG TV’s WiFi Connection

Does your LG TV say your WiFi is turned off even when your other devices connect without problems? This can be quite frustrating as it affects the TV viewing experience. What’s a smart TV without the internet.

But, what could cause your WiFi to be turned off? Several factors could be responsible for this: your TV software may be outdated, your device might have software bugs, wrong DNS settings, or incorrect date and time. Here’s what to do if LG TV says WiFi is turned off.

How to Fix LG TV WiFi Turned Off

Fix LG TV WiFi Turned Off

If your WiFi suddenly turns off without your knowledge and keeps showing error messages, you should try the following steps:

Unplug your router or modem

Typically, this is a simple way to reset your router without erasing personal settings or information. If LG TV WiFi is turned off, there’s a likelihood that your WiFi password is incorrect, and other devices might be connected to the internet.

LG TV WiFi Turned Off

Also, you’ll need to check that another WiFi frequency isn’t disrupting your network. If the connectivity issue persists, here’s how to resolve it.

Disconnect your modem or router from the power outlet

  • Plug it back into the power source after 15 minutes
  • Switch on the WiFi
  • Go to Network
Click settings on LG TV remote
Scroll to All settings on LG TV screen
  • Select WiFi
Go to Network and select Wi-Fi Connection on LG TV settings
  • From the list of available networks, select your WiFI network
Select desired WIFI network on LG TV
  • Enter your password and confirm connection
Add WIFI password and connect on LG TV screen

Restart LG TV

Most times, simply rebooting your smart TV can fix software bugs. Unfortunately, modern smart TVs don’t have a reset button. However, there’s a way to go about it.

  • Unplug your TV from the power source
  • Plug back the television into the power source
  • Switch on your TV. You can turn on your TV using the power button on your remote.

Change date and time settings

LG TV WiFi Turned Off

Wrong date and time settings can make your WiFi disconnect from LG TV. So, you’ll need to correct the date and time. Here’s how to resolve the issue.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select General
  • Then, choose Time and Date
Reset your time and date on LG TV
  • Click Ok
  • Check if the time and date are accurate. If they aren’t, correct it manually.
Automatic Date and time in LG TV
Set date and time manually on LG TV
LG TV WiFi Turned Off Problem

The Simplink, also known as HDMI-CEC, is a remote feature that lets you control other connected HDMI devices. Meanwhile, the linked device must be compatible with Simplink. This means you can connect other devices from other brands to Simplink.

Sometimes the Simplink feature can cause WiFi to turn off abruptly. You might have to disable it to fix the error message when this happens. Follow the steps below to switch off the Simplink feature.

  • Select Settings
  • Choose General
  • Navigate and select Simplink (HDMI-CEC)
How to access SIMPLINK HDMI-CEC on LG TV
  • Check if the feature is on
  • Turn it off and check WiFi connection. Once you’ve completed settings, switch off your TV and wait for some seconds before turning it back on. Connect LG TV to WiFi and check that they’re connected.
Check if SIMPLINK HDMI-CEC on LG TV is turned on
Check if SIMPLINK HDMI-CEC on LG TV is turned off

Switch off Quick Start feature

The Quick Start feature activates standby mode when TV is turned off. This reduces the start-up time of the TV while improving TV functions. The quick start features can also affect WiFi connectivity. Check that your TV model supports this feature before proceeding with the steps:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Select General
  • Choose Quick Restart
  • Click Off
Quick Start on LG TV

Set DNS Settings

DNS, also known as Domain Name System, serves as a gateway to the web.As earlier stated, DNS Settings can also disrupt WiFi connection. Here’s how to change DNS Settings.

  • Go to Menu
  • Select Settings
  • Tap on All Settings
  • Select Network
  • Choose WiFi connection
WIFI Connection on LG TV
  • Click Advanced WiFi Settings
Advance WIFI on LG TV
  • Select Edit
Advance WIFI setting on LG TV
  • Enter your router’s IP address in the provided space
  • Enter the DNS address in the provided field
  • Select Connect
DNS Server

If your DNS is the major cause of internet disconnection and all efforts to set the DNS to prove futile, consider changing your DNS location manually.

Straighten the wires connecting the WiFi module

This method is quite simple. Just loosen the back of your TV, find the WiFi module and straighten the twisted module cables.

Connect LG TV to WPS

If connecting your TV to a router doesn’t work, consider the wireless pin code (WPS) option.

  • Navigate to the home screen
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Network
  • Choose WiFi connection
  • Click Connect via WPS Pin
Connection via WPS on LG TV
  • Follow on-screen instructions to complete settings.

Connect using smartphone hot spot

This works as an alternative option when all else fails. If you have a smartphone with a strong internet connection, try connecting your LG TV to the hot spot. There’s a possibility that TV might connect to it.

Factory Reset LG TV

If the above methods don’t work, consider a factory reset. Factory reset deletes all data and returns your TV to its original state. The reset also erases every corrupted file or data responsible for the WiFi disconnection.

Ensure your apps and important files are backed up on a USB drive or computer before the reset.

  • Navigate to your home screen
  • Press Settings
  • Select General Menu
  • Click on Reset To Initial Settings
How to reset to initial settings on LG TV

You might have to enter the security key depending on your TV model. Once the reset is completed, you can restart your device and set up your TV.

How do I switch on my WiFi after fixing the WiFi disconnection?

After fixing the connection issue, you may want to turn back your WiFi on your smart TV. Here are steps to take:

  • Check that WiFi is on
  • Navigate to the home screen using the Smart button on the remote
  • Select Settings
  • Choose Network
  • Select WiFi connection
  • From the list of available networks, select your WiFi network
  • Enter your password in the provided space
  • Then select Connect

Now you’ve resolved the WiFi connection issue, you can enjoy screentime without worrying about an abrupt disconnection. If your LG TV WiFi suddenly stops without you switching it off, you should follow the above methods to fix the WiFi. If the problem persists after trying these methods, contact the LG support team.