What is an MP5 Player? 3 Best

Since there has been a marginal shift in the consumption of portable media technology, it has become a necessity for users to stay updated with the ongoing trend of technological updates.

The evolution of the Media Player (MP) series has seen users through MP3, MP4, and now MP5. Each series is designed distinctively to serve purposes.

MP5 Players

MP5 Player

An MP5 player is an advanced yet portable media player that offers more than audio file compatibility. It is a digital device that can play audio and video files downloaded onto it.

The most significant flex of this device is that users do not need to convert files from RM and RMVB format before watching videos.

MP5 Player

Also, the screen of an MP5 player is larger than the conventional MP3 and MP4 players, hence providing users with a better video quality.

Generally, MP5 took a cue from the cons of other media players by integrating newer and more advanced technology into this version.

MP5 vs MP4 vs MP3

The MP3 player allows users to listen to music, audiobooks, etc. In contrast, the MP4 player is designed to allow users to watch videos, listen to music, read eBooks, view photos, play games, etc.

An MP4 player supports WMA, WAV, and AVI; hence you will require a video converter if you want to watch videos. This is where an MP5 player comes in; users do not need to convert a video file before watching videos.

An MP5 player supports RM and RMVB format, and since most video files are in RM, RMVB format, it becomes automatically compatible.

Features of An MP5 Player

Below are some of the features of an MP5 player:

  • Built-in DV Camera

An MP5 player has a built-in DV camera that allows users to record videos. That is, you can record and store video on an MP5 player for later view.

Also, an MP5 player supports a vast range of media formats, offering users many options.

  • Customizable

The MP5 player comes with optimization features that allow users to expand, minimize and close videos. Also, users can synchronize their device to get functions like GPS (Global Positioning System), Wi-Fi, Blue-tooth, DVB-T, etc.

  • Transcoding

An MP5 player allows users to transcode movies into RealMedia RM and RMVB format video from movie or video websites.

  • TFT Display Screen

The MP5 player comes with a 2.4-inch Vivid color TFT display screen, a larger display screen. This allows users to watch and enjoy higher-resolution videos.

  • Expandable Memory

Users can expand the memory of their MP5 player to enable them to store more data.

Accessories like the built-in SD and MMC card slots allow users to expand their MP5 memory capacity.

3 Best MP5 player

Below are our top pick three best MP5 players:

1. CARED MP5 Player

The CARED MP5 Player is suitable for cars and supports USB and Bluetooth connections. Setting up and supporting different audio and video file formats is easy.

CARED MP5 Player

Features of CARED MP5 Player

  • Wireless Remote control
  • Bluetooth Receiver
  • USB cord
  • Mic
  • Screen touch
  • Backup camera
  • Digital LCD Monitor

Pros of CARED MP5 Player

  • Sound quality
  • Compatible with audio and video formats
  • Unique user-interface
  • Easy to access button
  • Clear screen mirroring

Cons of CARED MP5 Player

  • Glitchy microphone

2. Tbest MP5 Player

Tbest MP5 Player is a unique player that supports three different types of connections. It features a built-in Bluetooth, FM radio tone tuning, and supports 1080P format.

This MP5 player supports MP3, MP2, AAC, OGG, FLAC, APE, WMA, WAV, RM, and AC3 for the audio format. And AVI 3GP, MP4, MOV, MPG, MKV, WMV, RMVB for video format.

In addition, it has different language options and has a capacitive screen of 1024×600 resolution.

Tbest MP5 Player

Features of Tbest MP5 Player

  • USB port
  • Built-in GPS navigation module
  • FM radio
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Multi-format
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

Pros of Tbest MP5 Player

  • Touch screen
  • Lightweight
  • Music playback
  • Hands-free call
  • Language customization

Cons of Tbest MP5 Player

  • No camera

3. HONGY MP5 Player

HONGY MP5 Player is a rustproof and durable player made out of metal materials. This MP5 device uses USB cords to initiate a connection. It allows users to record, listen to the radio, browse pictures, customize systems, read eBooks, etc. Also, it comes in different model types and colors.

HONGY MP5 Player

Features of HONGY MP5 Player

  • Compatible with Audio and Vidoe Format
  • 3 Inch LCD screen
  • 1280×720 screen resolution
  • Available in 2G, 4G, 8G, and 16G
  • Supports Audio formats – MP3, WMA, APEFLAX
  • Compatible with Video formats – AVI, MP4, MPG, RM, RMVB
  • Accessories – MP5 device, charging cable, user manual, earphones

Pros of HONGY MP5 Player

  • Durable
  • Rustproof
  • Built-in battery
  • Affordable

Cons of HONGY MP5 Player

  • No Bluetooth connection


Unlike MP3 and MP4, the MP5 player is a high-tech device that works digitally to play audio and video files.

This player is not only suitable for home use but also can be used in a car. It is a more convenient way to connect, watch/listen to music or videos.

Most MP5 devices use Bluetooth connections, while others use USB cords, and some support both connectivities.

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  1. I record and collect movies from DVD’s and any other sources. I probably have some 300 movies in my laptop, which I transfer to my smart phone and to my Android car radio. But, not all these recorded movies will play in all devices unless they are MP5 devices and that’s what I like about the fact that my car radio is an MP5 radio. There are too many movies that won’t play on a non-MP5 player and you have to convert them to a Codec that will play in your non-MP5 player. You avoid all that search and conversions work by having your player be an MP5 player.


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