10 Reasons Your Samsung TV Keeps Turning Off

Smart gadgets give you all the flexibilities you need in one device. Most Smart devices allow customizations, remote viewing, etc. However, sometimes these devices experience glitches. These glitches can make your device, in this case, TV to keep turning off.

It can be frustrating when your Samsung TV keeps turning off, and you can’t pinpoint the problem. There are tons of reasons for which this may be happening. This article will be discussing ten reasons why your Samsung TV keeps turning off. 

Why Samsung TV Keeps Turning Off

The primary reason your Samsung TV keeps turning off is usually due to problems with the TV settings or an error in connection with external devices. However, we will be exploring ten possible reasons beyond the usual along with their appropriate solutions. 

1. Outdated Software 

Most people are unaware that they need to update the software of their TV. That is if the software update is not set to update itself automatically. You must carry out a manual update.

So, if you have not been updating your TV software, it may be the reason your TV keeps turning off. To rectify this, take the following steps:

  • Power on your TV 
  • Go to the Settings 
  • Select Support
  • Click on Software Update
  • Select Update Now 

The update should take 30 minutes, and it could be more or less depending on how strong your network connection is. The TV must not go off during the update. If this happens, your Samsung TV can suffer a higher degree of damage. Ensure that you constantly check for updates, so your Samsung TV can stay updated.

2. Eco-Solution Settings 

Some Samsung TVs come with eco-solutions settings, and you may have turned it on unconsciously. This setting turns off your Samsung TV to save power when there is no input for a long time.

This is another possible reason why your Samsung TV keeps turning off. The solution is quite simple; all you have to do is turn it off by taking the following steps;

  • Go to Settings using your remote
  • Select General
  • Select Eco-solution
  • Select Auto Power Off
  • Select Off 

If this is the reason your Samsung TV keeps turning off, then you’ve just solved the problem. If it isn’t, keep going, you should find a solution soon.

3. Sleep Timer Settings 

Since wrong settings are one of the common reasons your Samsung TV may keep turning off, we can’t rule out the possibility that this setting is on. The Sleep Timer setting turns off your TV after a preset time.

You or another person who uses the Samsung TV may have turned it on. It is also easy to rectify as you all have to is turn it off. Do the following;

  • Go to Settings
  • Select General
  • Click on System Manager 
  • Select Time
  • Click on Sleep Timer
  • Select Off

4. Faulty Surge Protector

A surge protector is a device you use to protect your electronic devices from power disruption (caused by power outages from lightning or storms). Sometimes, your surge protector can be faulty, and if your Samsung TV is connected to it, it may be the reason it keeps turning off. 

You can bypass the surge protector and plug the TV power cord into a direct wall outlet to see if it is a problem. If your TV stays on without turning off on its own, then you need to change the surge protector or fix it (if possible).

5. Connection Error

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the possible and common reasons your Samsung TV may keep turning off. However, this reason can be caused by different situations such as:

If your Samsung TV is connected to external devices like game consoles and they turn off suddenly (due to a shaky connection), they may also cause your TV to turn off.

You should unplug their power cables and turn them off totally before plugging them back in again, ensuring that they are appropriately connected.

If you are using an uncertified HDMI cable, it may cause your TV screen to go black due to a connecting error. If your Samsung TV keeps turning off due to this, switch to a certified HDMI cable. 

If your Samsung TV is not connected to external devices but keeps turning off, you need to check the settings and set the Sources to TV. To do that, take these steps;

  • Go to Settings on the TV
  • Select Sources
  • Select TV

6. Recalibration 

Sometimes, your Samsung TV might require a recalibration to adjust the TV for better functionality, and this need may cause it to keep turning off. This can be carried out through a Soft Reset

All you have to do is unplug the Samsung TV from an outlet for 30 seconds and then plug it directly into an outlet that works properly, and your TV is all set. 

7. Defective Motherboard

The motherboard of any TV is a significant part of such TV. It is like the main circuit board of your Samsung TV that controls all of the processing. If your TV has a defective motherboard, it could cause it to keep turning off all by itself. 

A defective motherboard isn’t something you can fix on your own unless you have the technical skills. Usually, it is repaired at a Samsung authorized repair place if the warranty of your Samsung TV is still valid. This is an unusual reason for your TV to keep turning off, but it can’t be ruled out.

8. Inferior Capacitor

Your Samsung TV may have a bad capacitor, which can cause the TV to keep turning off. The function of a capacitor in your Samsung TV is to supply power. So when it is faulty or deficient in quality, it can result in your Samsung TV turning off repeatedly. 

You can either replace the capacitor with higher quality and efficiency or change the inferior one to improve its efficiency. You can do this if you have the skills and knowledge or seek the help of a professional.  

9. Overheating

If your TV runs for an extended period without breaks, it may be turning off itself as a way to prevent overheating. This is particularly possible when your video settings (BrightnessContrast, Sharpness and Colour) are of high values. 

Overheating is bad for your Samsung TV or any other TV. To stop your Samsung TV from overheating and stop turning off, you should reduce the values for your video settings and turn off the TV yourself when it isn’t in use.

10. Your Samsung TV remote may be misplaced

Although quite funny and unlikely, the remote to your Samsung TV may have been misplaced, and by some unconscious movements, the power button is turning off and on, thereby causing your TV to turn off by itself. It could be right under the couch you are seated on, and as you stand and sit, you are indeliberately controlling it.


Your Samsung TV may be turning off due to the reasons above. Check for settings and connection errors and try to rectify them before looking out for the more complicated problems.

And who knows? Maybe it’s the remote that’s under your couch that’s responsible for your Samsung TV turning off repeatedly, by itself…or it’s time to call Ghostbusters.

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