TV Green Screen Causes and Fixes

A green screen on the television can be very annoying especially when you are deeply engrossed in your favorite show or program. This is one of the most frustrating problems that many Smart TV owners experience at one point or another.

Different factors can lead up to a television displaying a green screen. Some of the causes of TV green screen include:

  • Fault with the Cable Connection
  • Picture Settings
  • Hardware problem
  • Faulty TV Tubes/Ribbons
  • Magnetic interference from speakers
  • Temporary fault or bugs

TV Green Screen Solutions

A green screen displaying on your television doesn’t mean the television is entirely faulty. When trying to troubleshoot a TV with a green screen, please use extreme caution especially if you’re going to open the TV up.

You don’t need to panic when you experience this, you can fix it using any of these methods.

1. Check Power source and Cable connection

Checking your TV power source and cable connection should always be the first step you take when troublshooting TV issues. You want to check for loose or faulty cable connections. Check that there aren’t any dark marks around the cable which might signify a damaged cable.

If possible, plug your TV to an entiurely different power source. For instance, if you TV is in the living room, try plugging it in your bedroom. If the TV works at another power source loaction, you probably have issues with your power source or other appliances could be interfering with your television. 

2. Power cycle The Tv

A green screen could be caused by temporary faults or bugs on the television. This can be easily fixed by power cycling the television. To achieve this, switch off the power source and unplug the television from the power source.

Wait for few minutes, about 10-15 mins would do. Plug the television power cable into the power source, switch on the power source and turn on the television.

If the problem was caused by temporary faults or bugs on the television, this method would fix it. Check the screen to confirm if the problem has been resolved.

3. Reset The Tv

If you have tried all the aforementioned solution methods and the problem persists, you should consider doing a factory reset. It is important to note that this solution method should be the last option you would adopt.

Also, you should ensure you have properly backed up all the data and settings on your television before you do the factory reset. This is because after the reset, all the data will be lost as the television will return to its default settings.

Don’t worry, this method has recorded over 85% success in fixing almost any software problem on television. To do this, follow these simple steps:

Step One

Grab the television remote, ensure the remote is in good condition before you embark on the process. Once you have confirmed this, click on settings. Scroll to General.

Step Two

From the list of options displayed on the television settings, scroll to the reset option. When you find the reset option, click on it.

Step Three

The television will request your PIN, this is to ensure that the television is not done by a third party or robot. Supply the PIN and click on the reset option.

Step Four

You will have to wait for few minutes for the television to complete the factory reset process. Upon the completion of the reset, the television will go off and turn on by itself.

Once the process is complete, check if the green screen problem has been fixed, if not, you have no other choice than to consult the television manufacturer or buy a new TV.

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