How to Change the Input on Roku TV

Over the years, Roku TV has become famous as it offers swift and accessible streaming services. Roku TV is a unique way to have a smart TV as it gives users access to every primary streaming service without the need to plug in any other streaming box.

However, if you decide to use another streaming box, for instance, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV box, etc., you can do that sing your Roku decide. To do this, you can change the input on Roku TV.

Switching Roku TV Input

The Roku TV is a bit different from other TV brands. Its unique interface and features give it a flexible edge over other brands. With Roku TV, users can have access to tons of great features and streaming services.

One of Roku’s most outstanding features is the ability to change which input source the Roku TV defaults to when powered on.

This is an excellent perk for users who have a cable box as their primary decoder. In addition, users with a game console or Blu-ray player can leverage this feature.

Unlike other TV where you can find the Input button on their remote control, Roku TV is different. The process involved in changing input on Roku TV is relatively easy.

How to Change the Input on Roku TV

The process involved in changing input on Roku TV is quite different from how to set default input. Below is a guide on how to change Input on Roku TV:

  • On the Roku TV remote control, press the Home button
  • Press the left arrow to display
  • Select Settings on the left pane
  • Click on TV Inputs 
  • Press OK to bring up an option prompt – HDMI 1, HDMI2, Live TV, etc
  • From the prompt, choose your preferred input – HDMI 1, HDMI2, Live TV, etc

How to Default Input on Roku TV

With the default input setting, your TV will automatically use the default input you choose whenever you watch TV. Below is a guide on how to set default input on Roku TV:

  • On the Roku TV remote control, press the Home button.
  • The Home Button will take you to a Menu option; navigate down to the Setting Option.
  • Click on the Settings option.
  • Navigate down and select System
  • Scroll down and click on Power
  • Then select Power On – it is the first option.
  • Select the Input Option you want t set as Default – each input has its preset name, which corresponds to a different HDMI input.
  • Once you select your preferred choice, press the Home Button again to save


As mentioned above, changing or setting your Roku input is relatively easy. Alternating from one input to another is a seamless process. Also, setting a default input is hassle-free.

Once you select your choice, everything saves automatically. If you ever need to change the input, you can use the home button on your Remote control to navigate your way.

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